In 1972 I already began to study the King of Amazonia, the fascinating Discusfish.

In 1974 I imported the first wild discus and also started to breed discus.
These were crazy days when I imported the first wild caught discus, nothing was comparable to ourdays. But these fantastic fishes took me over and I was completely infected by the discus fever - and this fever lasts on until today - for more than 30 years now and no end is in sight.

In 1984 my first discus book was printed in my own publishing house bede-Verlag. bede is the abreviation for Bernd Degen. This small book was a huge success and so many discus books were about follow soon. Not only discus books, but also yearbooks and even a magazine "Discus live" was published.

My discus books have been published in eight major languages, what makes myself the most read discus-author in the world.

Out of the first discus-books bede Verlag grew into a major publishing-house within the pet-industry. Within the last 20 years me and my son Marcus published more than 300 pet books of various kinds - you may find any dog, reptile or small mamal that you are looking for.

To breed discus also was a successful hobby, or even a profession. Until 1992 I sold huge numbers of my discus, especialy to Asian countries. Due my popularity within the discus-world I received a lot of invitations worldwide and so I can still work for our discus.

This hobby that we share is fascinating and I want take this opportunity to say thank You to all my discus-friends worldwide.

Bernd Degen

Rottürkis Snake Skin
Degens - Red Scribbled
Degens - Red Scribbled